“In human being there is an urge for achieving excellence in his / her work. He/She yearns for outlets for his / her skill, knowledge and abilities.“

Communication is an institution’s life blood. It thrives in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity. As part of our transparent policy and constant internal governance effort, we are very happy to communicate to you through this mode / website to inform, engage, enrich and empower all the stake holders comprising students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff to take the institution forward. M.A.V. family inherited a high tradition imbibed with the qualities and virtues of determination, devotion, dedication to wards’ development and development of education in the country. It is now on in its seventh year. Today, it is a renowned educational institution. These seven years can be termed as its years of childhood (nascent stage), characterized by innocence, enthusiasm, continuity and change (be it the external environment or the internal governance matrix). Over the last seven years, our role has grown and so has the size of our students and staff.

We believe that our teachers are the true friends of students. They are able to guide students in their physical, social, intellectual, emotional and moral development. We have been able to build a successful and respectful space for the teachers, which they truly deserve. Our teachers have a passion, aspiration and strong conceptual skills required for the teaching profession. At this juncture, we rededicate ourselves to work for the further growth and development of the school and the Nation.