Our Activities


As per CBSE norms, schools are required to promote co-curricular activities for the holistic development of the student. Further, the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) has set the right tone by making physical education and co-curricular activities as part of curriculum since these activities essentially take place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience. Accordingly, we teach five compulsory extra-curricular activities Viz., Swimming, Yoga, Karate, Roller Skating and Western Dance to provide an atmosphere to develop the physical and mental strength of the students.


To promote a broad-base of sports in the school, in addition to athletics and various games, basketball and badminton are taught in a big way as part of competition oriented preparation, including FREE coaching camps. At the same time, other outdoor games, such as, kho-kho, kabadi, throw ball, tennikoit, etc and indoor games, such as, chess and carom are also taught in the school. Overall, we ensure that quality training is given by the respective Coaches / Instructors, who are well qualified / trained in their respective disciplines.


Every year, the Annual Sports’ Meet of the School is conducted during the month of July/August in a grand and colourful manner wherein our students’ showcase their sporting abilities and talents, including March Past, Kids Parade, Mass Drill, Yoga and Karate Demonstration, dance performances, pyramid, gymnastics, etc. Awards include trophies, shields and individual prizes. Trophies and Shields are also awarded to the best Marching Contingent/House (Students are divided into four Houses Viz., Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus) and to the Overall Champion of the Meet.


The school offers excellent library facility. The Library has recently been given a face-lift and now has more than 4,800 books excluding text books and reference materials for students and teachers. The Librarian ensures that books relevant to the academic level of students are made available in the library. To encourage reading habit and enhance reading skill right from the lower age, a separate library for the KG students / tiny-tots named ‘Kids Book World’ has been recently inaugurated within the premises. In addition, a variety of magazines, periodicals, journals, newsletters, and newspapers are made available to the students and staff attached to the school. Periodical dissemination / display of information regarding New Additions of books to all concerned is done on a regular basis by the Librarian. The Librarian identifies important news items and brings to the knowledge of all concerned on a day-to-day basis. The library is equipped with library management software for easy identification / retrieval of books. Lending facility is available to students’ right from Grade V onwards.


To encourage reading habit amongst the students, Book Fairs are organized in the school, generally on the Talent Search Days, Project Day and Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) meeting days.


Every year, the birth anniversary of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (Father of Library Science) is observed on August 22nd to underscore the importance of reading. A Library Week is also organized to encourage reading habit amongst children.


Hindi Prachar Sabha Classes / Examinations

Hindi Prachar Sabha Classes are conducted in our school premises on Saturdays. Our school has been selected as an examination centre for Hindi Prachar Sabha examinations.

Field Trips

Field Trips form part of our curriculum and such activities are compulsory / encouraged at M.A.V Vidyashram since such trips provide extensive learning opportunities. We make sure that all the students go on such excursions to enable them to enrich their knowledge and also to have fun. In addition, in order to develop independence and confidence in children, we take the students on a 2-3 day educational tour under the guidance of teachers and teacher escort wherein children learn to stay away from parents and learn to adopt, adjust, share, care, shop, spend with friends. This, we believe, will be an exposure for them to face the outside world without depending on parents. We are also of the opinion that such instructional visits will not only help in learning the unlearned aspects within the four walls of the temple of learning but also give direct and tangible benefits to the students.

Talent Search

We believe in Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s words that all of us do not have equal talents but all of us have equal opportunity to develop our talents. Accordingly, our school takes every step to develop the creativity and bring out/showcase the hidden talents of our students by conducting ‘Talent Search / Hunt’ every year. The programme not only makes the students aware of their talents but also gives them an opportunity to come out of their stage fear. Exciting prizes are awarded to the participants. The quality contribution / presentation by the students at these events proved that the students were not short of talent. No wonder then that M.A.V. Vidyashram enjoys a special status in the neighbourhood.

Corporate Social Responsibility (Tree Plantation)

We, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and also as a step towards environment conservation, have been planting shade bearing tree saplings once in three months not only to increase the green cover in the school campus but also in its neighbourhood for the past seven years since we are environment-conscious Group and plant-loving people. In fact, trees are almost a part of our institution and tree planting forms part of hands-on science-based activities. We don’t just plant but take care of them since trees provide us with many benefits that it’s well worth the time, money and effort to plant them. Moreover, trees are one of the most cost-effective means of helping to clean-out air and water, produce oxygen, reduce our energy usage and improve the quality of our lives. Further, whether they are in forests or on roadside, trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon-dioxide. We watch / monitor the sapling and ensure that these plants grow into trees. We are of the opinion that “Today’s green doings will bring in greener tomorrows”. We are also confident that each tree planted by us would be beneficial to the present and future generations.

Orientation Programme

To familiarize the parents to know about the rules and regulations of the school, the curriculum, including the change in curriculum under the remodeled assessment scheme, our plan for implementation, pattern of conducting examinations, co-curricular activities, our expectations, etc, an Orientation Programme is organized at the beginning of each academic year (so that they could equip themselves) to implement the same in letter and spirit, which is well received by all stake holders comprising parents, students and teachers.

Project Day (Little Intellects’ Day)

In order to provide the students with an opportunity to express themselves, we organize Project Day named as Little Intellects’ Day at our school’s premises every year wherein students exhibit / display their projects with immense enthusiasm and zeal. We are of the opinion that students’ engagement in such activities was essential, because when they observe/ involve first-hand it was always exciting.

Olympiad Examinations

Every year, the students of Grade III to Grade X attend India’s premier and most comprehensive tablet-based Olympiad Examinations in all the subjects. Since this competitive examination is based on the school syllabus, it gives adequate exposure and ample opportunities to students to excel in their study. It also enables them to take up such competitive examinations in future with confidence.

Participation in Quiz, Spell Bee, CBSE Expression Series etc

Our students have been regularly representing our School in the India Heritage Quiz, Spell Bee International and various other such competitions.

Independence Day, Republic Day, etc

We have been celebrating various national days of importance, such as, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc in a grand manner.

We have been celebrating festivals such as Vinayaka Chathurthi, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Onam, Navarathri, Diwali, Christmas coupled with a Camp Fire, Pongal, on the eve of (the day prior to) these festivals. In addition, we have been underscoring the importance of various oher festivals and days of importance, such as, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, etc, during our interaction with the students.

World Environment Day

Every year, World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5thin a grand manner. On this day, students plant shade bearing tree samplings in the school’s neighbourhood. In addition, the students and staff take an environmental pledge that they shall desist from acts that would pain mother earth and promise that they would exercise conservation in all their actions and deeds.

International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21st in a grand manner.

Teachers’ Day is celebrated in a grand manner on September 5th every year. Either mementos are presented or Free Medical Check is arranged for all the staff of the school on that day as a welfare measure.

Swachh Bharat Mission

As one of the renowned institutions in the neighbourhood and as responsible citizens of this nation, we at M.A.V Vidyashram, as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, have been carrying out various initiatives / cleanliness drive, including temple cleaning to take the movement forward. Further, as part of this movement / Mission, all the students and staff of the school have taken a Swachhta Pledge that they will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this service to keep our country clean and healthy for a New India (Naya Bharat).

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14th in a grand manner.

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year.

M.A.V. Vidyashram was established to impart better education and to improve knowledge and skills of pupil. It not only acts as a school for children but also as a real life Gurukal with unique teachers who prepare the students for life. Now, M.A.V Vidyashram occupies a pre-eminent position in this part of Chennai. The school has become a big hit in the neighbourhood due to its good infrastructure and prime location – a beautiful place / campus to rediscover oneself coupled with a great ambience for learning and an impressive faculty / coaching. Further, the school has now become a landmark of its own in the pursuit of excellence in the field of study and sporting activities. Notwithstanding these credits, Team M.A.V has set up for itself to make the school an exemplary and exemplary one in every respect in the years to come.